Cut Fuel Costs, Support USA Farmers, and Help Our Environment

With One Easy-To-Install Veggie Tank!

We offer standard steel, stainless steel, and custom tanks made to order.

Veggie Tanks Plus

It’s true: you CAN run a diesel engine with new or used vegetable oil.

With one of our veggie tanks and some inexpensive parts from your local hardware and auto parts store, you can easily assemble the system necessary to convert your own diesel engine. Our tanks are designed, laser cut, and welded together inside and out by Veggie Tanks Plus employees. We use 14 gauge steel on our standard tanks, and offer stainless steel and custom tanks as well.

What makes the Veggie Tank system the best?

Our system uses the hot water coming from the engine to heat the veggie oil used for fuel. The engine's hot water completely encompasses the veggie oil fuel line using s Hose-in-a-Hose system (see our Techniques and FAQ's pages for details). Veggie Tank Cross-Section The same hot water also passes through the tank, using a 316 stainless steel heating element that is welded into the bottom of the tank. This heating element is FITTING-FREE, so there is no way the hot water will leak into the tank. The element also runs the full length of the tank. The heating element is 80% isolated in our Veggie Tank pre-heating chamber. This means the engine only has to heat up a few gallons at a time, no matter what size Veggie Tank you own. Therefore, the oil in the Veggie Tank gets hotter much faster than any other tank available. In addition to being efficient, this technique saves the life of your vehicle's pumps and filters, saving you money, by arriving hot to the engine and injection system. When veggie oil is 170°F or above, it lowers the viscosity of the oil, therefore it is easier for the pumps and injection system to deliver it to the engine. Thus, the hotter the veggie oil is, the more effectively the oil burns in the engine.

Due to leaving the return line intact, out system flushes the veggie oil out of the engine and replaces it with diesel in about one minute. Also, the veggie oil is filtered several times for each tank because of this return line set-up. We just think a diesel engine runs best when you have it run the way it was designed to run!

For more reasons why you should purchase a Veggie Tank, see our FAQ's page.